The Zero Carbon Solution provides a complete support service from appraisal through to long term field support.
This falls into four parts:

We ask for a set of drawings to include roof and foundations layouts, fabric U values, building orientation and location. From this information we will provide:

  • Electrical performance estimates
  • Solar thermal performance estimates
  • Heat pump performance estimates
  • System energy savings
  • System revenue generation
  • ROI calculation
  • Annual and cumulative benefit graphs
  • Payback tables
  • Predicted CO2 offsets

We can create a complete system design pack containing:

  • PV-T panel layout on the roof
  • Earth Energy Bank layout
  • Heat emitter sizing per room
  • Component specifications
  • Hydraulic and electrical schematics
  • DC schematics for the PV-T array
  • Plant room layout
  • Brochures and manuals

Systems installation takes place in three phases:

  • Installation of the EEB is programmed after the trench foundation have been filled and during the building of the blockwork. For a normal sized house, the work will be completed in one or two days with hydraulic lines being left in position in the plant room for later connection to the heat pump.
  • Installation of the PV-T array is programmed when the roof is ready for covering. First the Renusol in-roof mounting will be fixed, then the panels installed and run through to the plant room location. If this work takes place in the spring or summer, the system will be filled and a solar pump station and control provided at this time, so heat can be circulated into the ground to charge the EEB for the coming winter.
  • Installation of the plant room will take place when mains services have been connected. The components will include the heat pump itself, DHW cylinder, expansion vessels, solar pump station and controller (if not previously fitted) and all switchgear. The DC/AC inverter will be installed and commissioned and all plumbing and electrical work prior to the commissioning of the heat pump by a Vaillant engineer. The customer will be instructed in the use of the system and presented with a handover pack of documentation.

The whole ZCS package is backed by an industry leading warranty and support service. The main features are:

  • Ten-year product guarantee and 20-year performance warranty for the PV-T panels.
  • Seven year parts and labour guarantee for the heat pump with a 10-year cover for the compressor.
  • First responder support from Vaillant service engineers nationwide supported by a team of technical specialists if required.

Annual service inspection contracts.

All aspects of the Zero Carbon Solution are the responsibility of a single organisation, from the original financial analysis, through supply, to commissioning and post installation support.
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