The Zero Carbon Solution is a groundbreaking integrated renewable system, which achieves energy performance in new buildings impossible to attain by any other means.

Caplin Homes built and installed the first Zero Carbon Solution system in a demonstrator house, the Solar House, in 2013. The UK’s first home to be heated solely by the sun’s energy all year round, the system’s technical performance was studied by experts from De Montfort University’s IESD, a world leading energy research institute.

In 2015, De Montfort University installed the system in a test house at their Leicester Campus, and have been collecting and analysing data for research and teaching. These on going studies continue to provide important academic underpinning for the technology, driving further development.

The DMU team has been gathering data on the temperature and electrical output of the solar panels, the performance of the thermal system including the heat pump, and the heat flows within the Earth Energy Bank. These studies will continue for some years to analyse seasonal performance of the entire system.

In order to study and visualise the temperature variations within the EEB, the DMU team created an ANSYS finite-element model that was validated using measured temperature data. This model will be used to optimise the design of the EEB and allow future designs to be better matched to specific buildings.

The Zero Carbon Solution will be participating in an EU Horizon 2020 research programme, which will focus on a new 47 home development, at Priors Hall Park in Corby, Northamptonshire. Like the Solar House this too will serve as a demonstrator for the industry. Construction costs and energy performance data will be published.

A team from De Montfort University’s Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development will be studying one of each building type in greater depth, analysing energy data collected from the new housing development to generate a computer model of the complete ZCS system in order to understand better the performance of the system as applied in different house types. offers ripple exchange script and custom service