About Us


The Zero Carbon Solution is a groundbreaking integrated renewable system, which achieves energy performance in new buildings impossible to attain by any other means.

The “Earth Energy Bank” (EEB), developed by Caplin Homes, is a breakthrough in thermal storage technology, allowing heat generated in the summer to be stored for use during winter. In 2013 Caplin Homes built and installed the first Zero Carbon Solution system in a demonstrator house, the Solar House, in Leicestershire, the UK’s first home to be heated solely by the sun’s energy all year round. The system’s technical performance was studied by experts from De Montfort University’s IESD, a world leading energy research institute. The integrated technology attracted overwhelming attention from international press and industry alike. The project went on to receive a number of major construction and renewable awards.

Following the success of the Solar House, the Zero Carbon Solution has been rolled out to the self-build market across a wide range of developments, from conventional affordable homes, to exceptional large-scale properties. The technology is now being implemented in commercial housing developments.

The Zero Carbon Solution is partnered by Vaillant, one of Europe’s largest heating technology manufacturers. An international, family-owned company with a heritage of more than 141 years, they are front-runners in innovative renewable heating solutions, Valliant’s new generations of ground source heat pumps are the most efficient and quietest on the market, with sophisticated control systems, which integrate the three core elements of the Zero Carbon Solution.

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